Chairman Message

The past few years had marked the beginning of a new era for Al Jazeera Investment LLC when new visions and strategies have been added to the company’s set of goals and missions. We decided to move forward with the vision of setting a careful strategic plan to acquire and develop investments throughout targeted regional expansions which will enable us to achieve financial results and profitable gains while exploring new horizons to benefit our shareholders.

“While we will keep investing in our country within the scope of our sustainable growth strategies, we will also continue encouraging global foreign companies to invest in our country. As we plan our new investments, we attach great importance to our strategies, risk management systems, liquidity position and all technological developments to successfully overcome the economic, social, and geopolitical fluctuations of our age. We will relentlessly remind all our colleagues, shareholders and clients that being reliable is our essential objective, and that we will need to comply with our superior business ethics and honest working principles to achieve such objective.

It is our belief that, with the commitment of the management team and all employees to steady and sustainable growth. We believe the best is yet to come, and providing quality service is not just a promise, it is a commitment.”

Hamad Ali Lootah